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Community Focus is a full-service association management company. We provide specialized services to communities and commercial properties for Homeowners Association Management and Commercial Association Management  in the Triangle Area. By keeping our services very local, we are able to more effectively monitor our associations, hire less staff, and maintain relationships with local vendors who tend to give us priority based on the ease and convenience of the business that we do. All of these things contribute to a better quality of service, a more efficient system for doing business and less expensive service to your community across the board! Contact us for a  Bid for HOA Management Services today!

Our Services Include (but are not limited to):

Administrative Services

A community management company must have an understanding of the operational procedures that are unique to each association. At Community Focus, we strive to be proactive on all levels of management. We have an effective system for the management of each HOA/COA/POA and the performance of the duties necessary to maintain it. We will work directly with your Board and Committees to ensure that your property is maintained to the standards set forth in the governing documents. We will coordinate board meetings and correspond with members to make certain that they are informed of all issues that pertain to them. We are on-hand to field questions from members and to process requests as needed. We will maintain clear and concise records and a homeowner database, so that we have a history of correspondences, transactions, bill payments, tax records, bank statements, work estimates, contracts and other files that pertain to the operations of the property.

Financial Services

At Community Focus, we strive to make the financial aspects of your association very understandable and we have an absolute open-book policy. We can produce reports that are clear and concise, so that every member can have an understanding of how the money is being spent. We consult with a local accountant who will review financials and help each community make the best use of their capital as needed. We will bill for dues in a timely manner and process payments as soon as we receive them. We will keep billing, payment and delinquency records for each homeowner. As part of our services, we will send delinquency notices and initiate collections as needed. We will maintain bank accounts, procure estimates, pay invoices, pay taxes and assist with setting up annual budgets as needed.

Web and Communication Services

In this age of technology, there is no excuse not to take advantage of the ease of a point and click system for distributing information. We do much of our business by email, so that we may respond immediately to requests by homeowners, board members, vendors or other members. We can create a web page specific to your association and allow homeowners to make payments by credit card or e-check immediately! We can customize each website to fit the needs of each property. This will allow homeowners to always be “in the know” which is a critical part of creating cohesiveness in an association.

Facility Management

With a staff of qualified professionals and over fifteen years of experience in the management and operations of  recreational facilities, Pools, Tennis Courts, Clubhouses and related facilities. Community Focus is very capable of managing your communities amenities and ensuring that quality of the facilities, programs and services are maintained to promote the long term wellness of these valuable assets.

Project Management

Community Focus will oversee construction, renovations and repairs within the association and will keep the Board of Directors informed of project status throughout.  We have overseen many major renovations and assisted our associations in performing long-term plans to ensure that the properties and investments are fully maintained.

Other Services

In addition to the above mentioned items, we want to mention that we are always willing to broaden our scope of services when feasible. Please do not hesitate to ask us about other services that you may need.

Whatever your association management needs are, Community Focus is here to help!

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