Pebble Creek HOA

Pebble Creek Homes

Pebble Creek Unit Owners Association (Pebble Creek HOA) is  a 42 condominium home community within the American Village area of Durham.   The property has immediate access to the wonders of Duke Forest and is minutes from Duke University and a short drive to UNC.  The great location along with the spacious, contemporary design of these homes and the nice amenities of a Clubhouse, Pool and Tennis Courts provide a nice quality of life in this hidden gem of a community.


Board Members (Seat Open Date):

David Sims, President  (2021)

Lynne Grossman, Vice Pres. (2021)

Marion Monson, Treasurer (2021)

Beverly Biggs, Secretary (2022)

Annabel Rosa, Member (2022)

Cathy Moore, Member (2022)

Nancy Smit, Member (2022)

Dianne Ponder, Member (2022)

Allison Sowers / Clubhouse Committee Appointee

Carin Walsh & Marion Monson / Social Committee Apointees

Cathy Moore & Lynne Grossman / Long-Term Planning Committee Appointees



Pursuant to Section 7A-38.3F of the North Carolina General Statutes, all members are hereby notified that they have a right to initiate mediation pursuant to the terms of the statute to try to resolve a dispute with the Association. The Association, at its sole discretion may agree to mediate the dispute or not.  If the dispute is mediated, the costs of such mediation shall be shared equally by both parties.  Please be aware that no issue related solely to a member’s failure to timely pay an association assessment or any fines of fees associated with the levying or collection of an association assessment may be mediated pursuant to this provision.

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